We have increased our capacity for service and repair for many ex-Plessey and Marconi radar types, extending to:-

AR-51 Watchman

REL-51 AWS-4

SPR-51 AWS-6

AR-320 AWS-9

AR-325 AR-15

AR-327 743 Martello  

Test and Repair:-

 RadarGen has an extensive database and repair facility, including:-

* Test Schedules (Original and derived)

* Specific-to-type test rigs superseding obsolete ATE

* PROM and PAL reference database and programming facility

* Thermal Image database of all tested units 

 RadarGen can take on repairs and conversions on Watchman Transmitter, SPR and all  Plessex units, specialising in:-

* Dual-port Memory 39081-500 etc

* Processor MP2 39081-400 etc

* Synchronous Communications Controller (SCC) 39104-000 etc 


RadarGen has overcome numerous instances of obsolesence by alternative design or choice of currently available components.

A Design Change Report is issued to the Customer, with full technical details.

RadarGen assume full responsibioty for such changes  


RadarGen have successfully designed and constructed units and modules for Watchman and other radars.

Together with partners world-wide can fulfil a variety of requirements using the latest technology and design methods. 

SLS and DMLS  methods are now employed to form enclosures and components (such as corona shields used in high-voltage areas of transmitters). 

A sophisticated array of high-temperature plastics and suitable metals are formed directly from 3D CAD/lithographic files, rendering the original resin-cast methods obsolete.


Currently in production are:-

39109-700-003 Modulator PEC assembly (Watchman Floating Deck Modulator)

50154-112-00-7 Pulse Compression module, AWS-6

50133-007-00-0 400Hz reference oscillator

50104-107-00-3 Diode equivalent to Mullard 6BYV96E, Watchman Transmitter

42204-522-00-9 Replacement LOCAL/REMOTE switch for Watchman Transmitter

20940-801-002 Duct Assembly (AWS-9 and AR-327 etc)

20941-102-004 Corona Shield (AWS-9, AR-327, Watchman etc) 

20440-375-00-2 Litz wire links (all systems)

42231-366-00-8  DC-DC converter SPR Comms Panel, Watchman



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